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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Date Night Friday

I wanted to put my hair into a simple ballerina bun to avoid the
whole look from being too "Glamazon"

Boyfriend and I lead pretty hectic lives during the week. I'm a graduate student as well as aTeaching Assistant and he works at a nearby hotel doing just about any job thinkable. Despite our busy schedules, we really try and make Friday night our Date Night. Last night was the first Friday Date Night we've had in at least few weeks and it was so nice to have our old rountine back. We went to Rico's, a local bar that's been in business since 1918. Rico's is an old tradition for us. Before we began dating, we used to go to Rico's at least once a week and talk about our week. It's where we became best friends and a few years later, it's where our friendship grew into more. We're both going to miss it when we move away next year.

These pictures came from our cell phones as my camera charger has gone missing and I fear I may have to replace it very soon. Sorry for the quality! On another note, I LOVE THESE SHOES. I got them for $30 at Ross. Can you believe it?! I snapped them up immediately when I saw them a few weeks ago. These puppies are about 4 inches tall, so I'm just a pinch taller than Boyfriend when I wear them. I love it :) I also love that tank top. I bought it a few years ago and people always want to know where it's from. It has silver disks stitched all the way down the back; a nice dress-up to an other wise very simple staple piece.

Hope you're having a lovely Saturday where you are! What do you do for your date nights?

X, J
{Tank, Loveappella. Under tank, Nordstrom. Jeans, Miss Me. Shoes,Ross.}


Unknown said... daughter looks so great! Hope you and Brook had a fun time...knowing you did! Miss you two sooooo much!

Jess said...

Aw thanks! :) We did! Miss you too!

Ana MF said...

Love the look! The ballerina bun looks so cute!

Jess said...

Thanks Ana MF! :) Such an easy look too!

X, J