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Sunday, August 7, 2011


Best news EVER. I FINALLY went down to Radio Shack and got a replacement charger for my camera. Another reason I quit blogging for so long was I lost the charger and kept looking for replacements online but kept seeing that they were "out of stock" until "further notice". So now with a new charger I'll now be able to upload quality, non-cellphone pictures. Yay!
Boyfriend and I are heading down to Ponderay, Idaho to visit his family and their new fancy R.V. and we're really looking forward to it. Living in a small town can feel a little suffocating, especially since the closest big city is an hour and a half away without traffic. So, we're excited to get of town for a few days and stretch our legs.

Hope you're having a great weekend where you are!

X, J

1 comment:

Mom said...

Hope you took lots of pictures when you were in Ponderay!