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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Fish & Rescue

We're back from Ponderay! We had an ah-mazing time. Monday morning we drove down to Ponderay and sang along to my Ipod while eating breakfast. An hour and a half later, we drove up to the camp site and were greeted by the new and very fabulous trailer. I'm told Boyfriend and I will be using it to entertain our friends at the tailgates this year when school starts. SCORE. Boyfriend had to finish a homework assignment for an online class so his mom and I headed down to a nearby beach called Beaver Bay. We put our lounge chairs in the water and tanned while drinking cranberry juice (highly recommended after a long drive, btw). Boyfriend's dad was in charge of taking the camp kids and Boyfriend's youngest brother tubing on their boat and that proved to be our entertainment for the majority of the afternoon. Several hours later, Boyfriend returned and we had dinner รก la camp (which surprisingly was not that bad).

The next day, the camp kids were busy at Silverwood (a pretty amazing theme park in Idaho) so we had the day to ourselves. Boyfriend, his mom, dad, middle brother and I thought it would be an excellent idea to spend the day touring the lake. Then, Boyfriend's Dad informed me I was going to catch my first fish. Then, bash its head in. A rite of passage I must complete. Or something; but before the bashing, lunch was in order. We got on the boat and headed to Cape Hope and ate at a restaurant called Sweet Lou's. We enjoyed drinks (I, an Arnold Palmer with mint. Delicious) and feasted. Boyfriend got bison ribes covered in Chocolate BBQ sauce. We were all skeptical (except Boyfriend who loves chocolate more than I do) but they proved to be amazingly good. It was sort of a bitter, dark chocolate taste but without the "sweet" in usual chocolate.

While we were eatting we noticed little fish swimming around the dock of the restaurant. Boyfriend's dad informed me these were the fish I'd be catching and since they were so small I'd get out of bashing and just catch them for fun (Yay! And I can assure you, no fish were harmed in the making of this blog post). So, after lunch we baited a hook, casted into the water, and waited. About 1 minute (no joke) a felt a little tug on the pole. And another. I reeled as fast as my hand could go, convinced I had a monster on the line. This fish was a fighter! Sure enough, we brought up the line and just look at what we found

A monster indeed! I felt pretty proud too, my first fish! We stayed another hour trying from various spots on the dock and I got 2 more fish slightly bigger than this one. Yay! Not to worry, they were thrown back after we took pictures. The heat proved to be too much after a while (You can't tell here, but let's say Aloe Vera is my new best friend) so got back on the boat and sped for home. About a minute and a half from the camp site, the motor puttered out and Boyfriend's dad informed us we were out of gas. We could not stop laughing! Boyfriend's middle brother stood on the bow with an oar (we only had one btw) while Boyfriend and I fished off the back for dinner "just in case" and we looked pretty ridiclous and lost!

And yes that is a gas can in the boat with us. We just filled up before this happened. Luckily, we were able to call a nearby resort for a tow and we made it back home in one piece. It's a trip we'll always remember! We left Wednesday afternoon and headed back to work and my thesis. Le sigh. We had such a good time and we're so grateful we were able to take the time to visit.

What's the 'haps with you?

X, J


Mom said...

What a fun time you all had....I love the part of gas! Made a memory! Lol! And I love that you got your first fish! (Love the picture of you and your fish!)
It looks beautiful there!

erin.marie said...

This looks amazing! Jealous!


Jess said...

Erin, it was so amazing! I highly recommend a visit to Ponderay :)

X, J

Isabella | THE PILE OF STYLE said...

Nice post, love the photos!
see mine
you might like it :)

Jess said...

Isabella, thanks so much! :) I'm making a trip over to your blog right now!

X, J

Jess said...

Isabella, visited your blog (so gorgeous) and for some reason I'm not able to comment in the comment form..hmm...but your pictures are AMAZING. Should be in a magazine. Following!

X, J